Chibi’s Choice Pet Grooming & Supply

There's a New Business in Town!

For those of you who like stories, here’s ours. I moved here from the Dominican Republic with a background in graphic design and sales. When it came time to look for a job I would love, my wife, born and raised here in RI, thought since I love animals and have an artistic eye, I should try grooming. It turns out she was right and here we are! 

Now, what is a chibi? Just as here in the United States, one may say, "Kitty Kitty" when calling after a cat one doesn’t know the name of, it is common in the Dominican Republic to say, "Chibi Chibi" when calling after a dog one doesn't know the name of.  So, there you have it!

Chibi’s Choice has found a home at 141 Newport Ave, Rumford, RI  02916.  We look forward to serving each of the families who enter our doors with genuine and individual care. Chibi’s Choice will provide a selection of food and snacks. Accessories from local entrepreneurs will also be available. As construction is winding down, we do not yet have an exact opening date. To stay updated, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, @chibischoice. Additionally, you can sign up on our Facebook page to be called when we open. All first appointments will be at a discounted price!  We look forward to getting to know each of your names!  

141 Newport Avenue 
Rumford, RI 02916

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @chibischoice